Monday, December 5, 2016

Northwest Territories Province Maps Pictures

The Northwest Territories ˌnɔrθˌwɛst ˈtɛrɪtɔəriːz, (NWT or NT; French, les Territoires du Nord-Ouest, TNO) is a federal breadth of Canada.
Map of Northwest Territories Province Pictures

Located in chill Canada, the across borders Canada's two added territories, Yukon to the west and Nunavut to the east, and three provinces: British Columbia to the southwest, Alberta and Saskatchewan to the south. It has a acreage across of 1,140,835 candid kilometres (440,000 sq mi) and a citizenry of 41,464 as of the 2006 census, an admission of 11.0% from 2001. In 1967 Yellowknife became the basal as a aftereffect of recommendations by the Carrothers Commission.
Map of Northwest Territories Cities
Geographical actualization board Great Bear Lake, the bigger basin actually aural Canada, Keller Basin and Great Slave Lake, as able as the Mackenzie River and the canyons of the Nahanni Borough Esplanade Reserve, a borough esplanade and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Territorial islands in the Canadian Chill Archipelago board Banks Island, Borden Island, Prince Patrick Island, and ballocks of Victoria Island and Melville Island. The able point is Mount Nirvana beside the apprenticed with Yukon at an acclivity of 2,773 metres (9,098 ft).
Map of Northwest Territories Province area
While Nunavut is mostly Chill tundra, the Northwest Territories has a hardly warmer distance and is mostly algid forest. About bisected of the across is aloft the timberline line.

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